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Speech On Wedding Anniversary of My Parents For Students & Children

Good morning ladies and gentlemen today present over here. Today I am very glad to see you all here, on this special occasion of my parent anniversary, which is the story of love which was started before 25 years back.

The love is spread all over the bounded room. My mom and dad are the most graceful couple in the world, for me, you are the valuable eyes of my body that I never want to be lost.

I love you the most in this world and u are the god of mine, who brought me into this beautiful world.

My dad is the most wonderful person because he is filled with the patience and the kindness.

You stood the biggest protector of our family, you always have the answer at the right times, and even when you didn’t you failed to pretend it. You have always been like the best friend whenever I needed.

My dad is that person who always been with me and always told me to move forward in my life.

You have been most influenced me in my life. So I love u the most daddy you do the hard work for the family and you never say about your wishes and fulfill our wish.

And there is no word for my mummy. She is the most wonderful women in the universe she I meet her she never is like a mom with me she is my best friend who talks with, share all the things with each other, she shouts me sometimes but we become friends once again with the few minutes.

You are the one who ever takes care of my health, say me what is right and what is wrong for the future.

I am really being proud of being your daughter. Has you are a reflection of your love to me.

You are my whole world please be with me ever and ever till I am in this world. I am very thankful to the god that I am your daughter.

Stay happy in your life, I will never let you down I promise u. Thanks for all the things that you gave me.

Thanking you.

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