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National Epilepsy Day 2018 : Causes, Celebration, Theme

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is the disease in which there is the neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain due to which there are many of the cause to the health and this is very dangerous because according to the report 50 million of the people are suffering from this disease.

This disease can be identified in many of the cases like strokes in the brain, brain trauma, brain cancer, due to the excessive or more use of the drug by the person is also considered as epilepsy.

The study also says that this disease can be sometimes only can be cured rather than mainly the death is occurred who is been suffering from this disease, this mainly occurs to the toddlers and the elder people, only the 30% of the surgery become the successful one rather than that there is no situation only it can be controlled.

The main cause of diseases

  • Some of the substances which are not so useful for the body like the sugar or the sodium.
  • If there is any of the damage to the brain due to the problem or the accident.
  • Brain infections such as the encephalitis or meningitis are the two problems which mainly occur in the brain.
  • Some of the genetic conditions that also cause this disease.
  • Brain tumors
  • During the birth of the children if they suffer from the low oxygen problem.

Why is the National Epilepsy day celebrated?

The national Epilepsy day is celebrated because to make the ware to the general public about this disease and if this cause than what are the remedies to cure it, we don’t know that what are the problem will be faced by us during the walk of our life and if we want to cure this all situation than there are many of the campaigns which are been camped on this day that is the national epilepsy day which is been celebrated on 17th November to make the people awake of the specific problem which occurred due to the disease named as epilepsy the brain related all the problem.

How to identify epilepsy?

In order to detect this problem there is the requirement that there are many of the syndromes of epilepsy also need the triggers for arrest and seizers to happen, sometimes there mainly arise this problem to the child during the birth o0r after the birth of the baby, this problem comes sudden we does not come to know the causes, symptoms of this disease it is very difficult to detect it. As I told this problem mainly arises to the adult and the small children they are the first victims of this disease.

We should take the proper medicine if we are the victims, and the most common if you are suffering from some other problem than we should check up because this may also cause epilepsy which is very dangerous and can’t be detect very fast.

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