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Essay On Diwali Festival In English For Students & Children

The festival of Diwali which is been mostly celebrated in India it is also referred to as Deepavali which is the biggest festival in India and the meaning of the festival is to lit the Lamps diyas all the streets and homes of the people as it is a Hindu festival they celebrate this festival with great joy and happiness with all the people.

This festival of Diwali is being celebrated in the month of October and November as it is being celebrated by the Hindu religion to significance in the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile and his victory over the demon Ravana as the victory of good over the evil. The celebration of this festival of Diwali is being celebrated five consecutive days, and it is very popular in India when it is being celebrated in all the parts of the Indian country. This festival is not only celebrated by the Hindu people but mostly been celebrated by the Sikhs jeans and also the Buddhist people.

The celebration of Diwali festival

As this festival is being celebrated in all the parts of the country and mostly this festival is being celebrated by the Hindu people as they celebrate this festival for strengthen their family and the relationship between them and the people light their homes and shop to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi to give them good luck for the year ahead.

Hindu religion people also worship Lord Ganesha and as well as Goddess Lakshmi during this festival of Diwali people lite crackers buy new clothes on this occasion of this festival. Before this festival of Diwali before a month, the cleaning of the house is started people usually celebrate this festival a month ago as they clean their house to welcome the goddess and to praise them they do prayers for their health wealth and prosperity. This Diwali festival is the beginning of the new year for the Hindu people, and they celebrate it with great joy and happiness altogether.

The celebration of Diwali in other parts

As in another religion this Diwali festival is being celebrated as this festival also there are five days of this Diwali festival and these all five days are different as first days are Dhanteras then its Laxmi Pujan then its Padwa and at last, it is Bhai Dooj which is celebrated between brothers and sisters. Diwali festival is not only celebrated in India but is also celebrated in other parts of the world as in Nepal Sri Lanka Singapore Malaysia Fiji Trinidad and Tobago and many other countries the people participating altogether in it.

Like India, the other people country is also celebrating this festival of Diwali with great happiness as the countries like Nepal which comes in border of India celebrate this festival with great joy and happiness, and they participate all together in it and they celebrate this festival to strengthen their family and their relationships and to worship their God. This festival is a significant respect to the Hindu God, and it is being celebrated to worship them, and these people celebrate this festival with the great joy and happiness.


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