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Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones For Students & Children In Simple English


The mobile phones are very popular devices and everyone has a cell phone and also people who don’t have the cell phone they have an access to a cell phone. Nowadays the cell phones have become smarter than the before we can do anything that you want to do by your cell phone that is you can watch anything on your cell phone whether it be a news or a series of serial or some cartoon.

Nowadays cell phones are having various functions like having a flashlight which can be used as a torch and also consists of the high-quality camera which can be used to capture nice videos and pictures. Nowadays there are various applications developed on cell phones which has various features like measuring the distance or using your phone as the removed and nowadays cell phones are also used to control the temperature of your room by controlling the air conditioner placed in your room.

Nowadays mobile phones are more developed than before and consist of various social technology with which you can connect to anyone living in any corner of the earth at any time. Nowadays people are becoming the slave of their phone as they take care of their phone and they use their food the whole day and do Timepass rather than investing that time in doing some good thing.


The main advantage of having a cell phone is that you can communicate to any other person living at any corner of the world and the clarity of the communication has increased as the voice quality has increased in the communication due to the development in various technologies in phone and now days you can also do a video call in which you can do video chatting with any other person and can see what the person is doing and also has various features like video conferencing in which you can do video chatting with multiple people at the same time.

Nowadays mobile phones have become more advanced they are also used as a source of education in which children can learn various educational things on the phones. Nowadays phones also have the various business approach as your phone can be used for doing various trading and investing your money in various share Markets and also doing various transactions by a single tap on your phone.

The mobile phones have a new application in the mode of entertainment as people use the force for watching movies and funny videos and they also use an earphone for hearing various songs. The mobile phones are also used for capturing some video or photos which can be used as a proof of anything and also provide and method of keeping your memories alive.


Which so many advantages there are used disadvantages to the life of the people. As the use of mobile phones have an adverse effect on the health of the people as they have various radiation which can cause various syndromes to you.

Mobile phones are used for communication but you use it more and you do not communicate with your own family rather than you are busy with communicating with an unknown person.

Nowadays people are using mobile phones for cheating where they have various answer stored in the mobile phones and use them while writing answers in the exam and also to record various wrong videos we should not be recorded.

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