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Short Essay About Friendship For Students And Children In Simple English


Friendship, characterized from Webster’s Dictionary as, the condition of being companions, or a well-disposed inclination. The second definition expresses a companion as a partner, supporter, or sympathizer. Numerous individuals acknowledge the lexicon’s meaning of fellowship as “the quality or state of having an individual connection to another by sentiments of warmth or individual respect.” My […]

Unity In Diversity In India Essay For Students And Children In Simple English

Unity In Diversity In India

Topographically India may not be an assembled without anyone else but rather from times immemorial India has been the consiĀ­dered as-one nation. The single name Bharatvarsha gave to this nation accentuation this solidarity. Amid the medieval occasions, the Muslim rulers likewise thought about it as one nation and attempted endeavors to catch all parts. Nature […]

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